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Introducing Holiday Wish Lists!

wish list stocking

For those of us who are both fermentation hobbyists and about to embark upon a major gifting time of year, there’s always the question of how to give or get what we’d truly like to have from our favorite shop. Especially given almost everyone has at least one person in their life who refuses to give money or gift certificates/cards but is particularly unsure what to purchase for us. At F. H. Steinbart, we have an easy and handy solution: Holiday Wish Lists. These are a fun and simple way to guide (or be guided!) people to exactly the items that would make your season extra joyful. And we have two types: online and in the shop.

To make a wish list on our site simply find an item you’re interested in, click on it, and then instead of clicking “add to cart” go slightly lower and click on “add to wish list.” Please note the wish list function on our site defaults to “private,” so make sure to change the settings to “public” for maximal usage. Hopefully, once you add an item to your wish list the site takes you to the list itself. From there, click on “settings” and you can name your wish list and toggle the privacy settings to “public” or “shared” if you only want certain people to see the link. You can also email them the list once it’s done!

The in-store wish lists are even more fun. We have made up several paper “stockings” where you can record all the things, little and big, that you’d love to see wrapped up for you. Just put your name (first name & last initial) on the top and then write down all of your wildest fermentation dreams! For things where you might want or need more than one (i.e. yeast packets), we have conveniently left an area to list how many you yearn for.

Though we know many folks already know what they want on their list, we’ll have a gift guide up soon with some suggestions. Whether online or in person, we recommend your list contain some stocking-stuffer items, some “regular” items, and at least one “shoot for the moon” item. Hey, sometimes people like to pool their resources and get one thing. Especially if they know you well enough to know you’d never get it for yourself.

Concerned that your loved one(s) might not understand your list? Not a problem! Our staff has had a lot of experience explaining to folks what any given thing is/does. As long as we have your wish list in hand, we can help someone pick out just the thing they’d be delighted to give you. We’re here to help. They can email us ( or call (800-638-2897).

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