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Online Order Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed an order online; how will I know when it’s ready?

You will receive two automated emails. The first email lets you know we have received your order. The second email will come when your order is ready. If we are shipping your order, this email will go out when we ship. If you are picking up your order, you will be able to pick up your items any time AFTER you receive this email.

How long will my order take to process? Can I expedite it?

We complete many orders the same day they’re received, but some orders may take between 24 – 48 hours to complete. The sheer volume of orders we are receiving has dramatically increased. In turn, handling times have increased. Please allow some extra time between when you place your order & your planned brew day (or make any other plans contingent upon receiving your order).

We can send things via expedited shipping if you pay for it, but our small team simply cannot handle orders any faster, unfortunately.

How are you handling in-store pick-ups and what are the hours?

We have a clearly designated walk-up area in our parking lot, so just walk under the tent and step up to the table under the tent. We will pass you your order over this table; it is wide enough for appropriate social distancing in both directions. You do not need to enter the store to pick up your order.

You can pick up your order anytime we are open, Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I need to add to my order. How do I do that?

If you haven’t yet received an email indicating your order is complete, the easiest way to add more items is to place another online order and place in the notes that this is an addition to a previous order. For orders that we are shipping out, if your second order is under $30.00 please select “store pick-up” as the shipping method to avoid shipping charges. Double check that you’ve indicated in the notes that this is to be combined with a previous order.

If you have received the “completed” email, you can ask us at the table to bring out a few items and we can process your payment inside. You are also welcome to come inside and shop for yourself, but be aware capacity limits apply.

How do I use my virtual grain bag?

Do NOT order the grain – you will be charged for it. Order everything else you need, then let us know in the “notes” section that you have a virtual bag and how much grain you’d like us to remove from it. Please let us know if you’d like it milled or left whole.

Will you be combining grains in my order?

By default, we do not combine grains in an order; we bag them separately. It is easier & thus somewhat faster if we can combine grains in your order, particularly if you would like them milled. If you are willing to have us combine (or some but not all) grains, please leave us extremely clear & detailed instructions in the notes of your order.

I was charged for shipping and I don’t believe I should have been. What should I do?

Please reply to the automated email you received acknowledging your order with your question. This will allow us to quickly reference your order number and items and help figure out what is going on. In most cases, we can issue refunds as soon as we receive the email.

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