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Buy A New T-Shirt. Show the Love and Spread the Luck.

At this point, there’s not a good way to describe what this Covid-19 world is like. The whole thing is a giant pile of bullhonkey. And that pile has landed more on some folks than others. We’ve been lucky.

We’ve been able to stay open during this mess, and we are so grateful. To show our gratitude and spread the luck, we want to give back to those who have had a harder time than we have had. Given it was time for a t-shirt redesign anyway, we realized a solution was right there.

Designed by Ethan Colyer, printed by Chris Strickland at Printed Matter, and with a big chunk of the proceeds going to the Oregon Food Bank, we submit for your consideration the newest FHS t-shirt.

Of course, we think this is great. Everyone here loves the design and can’t wait to wear it. We’re thrilled our company is using this new shirt to raise funds for our community. We hope you will feel the same. And, before you ask, yes FHS will be donating to Oregon Food Bank continuously with this design. We understand that even once things become less awful, there will still be need. As a member of the Oregon community for over a century, and as a founding member of the brewing community, we’ve seen this need over and over. We will be here at least another century, and we’ll be helping the whole time.

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