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Amber Skies – Call for Brewers

Two amber-colored beers in "toast" formation.
If it feels like something is always burning this year, that’s probably because fire has taken over the globe at various times in 2020.


Australia entered 2020 on fire and, ten months in, much of the US is on fire as well. Canada and Mexico are not unscathed either, with thousands of hectares each burning as well. Even the Siberian tundra has burned this year; smoke from these fires covered various parts of Alaska.


Here in Oregon, where we’re located, almost a million acres have burned. People have died, homes and other structures destroyed, and we will likely not see them all contained, much less put out, before our winter rains.


For those who aren’t firefighters or other first responders, it may feel like we can’t do anything but stare in horror at these events.


However, we CAN help, and we should never forget this.


In the brewing community, we have already seen examples of professional and home brewers stepping forward to find ways to help. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company mapped the course with their “Resilience IPA” to fund raise for the Camp Fire recovery efforts.


Next, we had the “Black is Beautiful” project from Weathered Souls. At that point, homebrewer (and former Steinbartonian!) Michele Rider Wonder realized that homebrewers could fund-raise for these causes too. She organized almost 20 homebrewers to make a mixed twelve pack of beers to be distributed to anyone who donated to selected relevant charities, and the brewers raised $5485 for these charities.


Brewers, let’s do it again. We can raise funds for a variety of fire-related charities and indulge in our passion for making beer at the same time. And, because this is coming from us, we can be even more creative with our work than if we were following a specific recipe. A variety pack of a variety of beers is also an excellent enticement for donors.


We’re taking as many brewers as we can get by October 10th to brew 5 or more gallons of beer. The beer must be bottled or canned and ready for delivery by November 14th.


The guidelines for the beer itself are minimal:


  1. Amber-colored beer
  2. ABV 6.5% to 9%
  3. Nothing intentionally smoky
  4. Uses your fierce creativity and skill!


Bocks, Amber ales, Wee Heavies, Belgian Dubbels, Imperial Brown Ales, Imperial Red Ales, Dark Saisons, Imperial Porters…


The list truly could go on forever. The variety of possibilities is breathtaking. And the value of such a twelve pack is mighty high, especially when enticing folks into donating to fire relief efforts.


If you’re interested, please email us ( with the subject line, “Amber Skies”.  We’ll answer any questions you may have and get you registered.


Beer is mostly water, right? Let’s fight fire with beer!


Pelton, a Mecca Grade Estate Malt product, in a display bottle.


P.S. Not near us (or even in Oregon at all), but want to do something similar for your area? Contact us and we’ll help you set up an “Amber Skies” for your neck of the woods.


P.P.S. There may be some specially-for-this-project Mecca Grade Pelton available. No promises, at all, except that we’re working on the possibility.

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