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Learn to Brew Day 2020!

An amber beer in a nonic pint glass/

F.H. Steinbart Company would not exist were it not for the fact that, the world over, people love fermented foods and beverages. More importantly, many people love MAKING fermented foods and beverages. Beer, of course, being one of the most common beverages people decide to tackle. And why not? It’s relatively easy, and it’s often got a much quicker turn-around time than beverages like wine, mead, or saké.

At 102 years old, we have been teaching (and learning!) how to brew for a very long time, and have been enthusiastic supporters of others teaching yet more people to brew for just as long. So when American Homebrewers Association declared in 1999 that the first Saturday in November would be “Learn to Homebrew Day,” we were all in. And, even with covid times, that remains true. It just looks different this year.

This year we’re making it easy for you to join Learn to Brew Day, even though we cannot run demos or teach directly. We are offering the AHA’s 2020 recipe ingredients (extract or all-grain, your choice) for a 5 gallon recipe at 15% off! Get a kit and Learn to Brew!

FHS owner John DeBenetti standing in front of grain bags in his warehouse with a certificate from 2001 thanking him for "founding the modern American homebrew shop" and "savior of the art and craft of homebrewing."

We decided to make up both extract and all-grain kits not just because we know some folks who already know how to brew will want to join in, but because we know learning to brew is a process. Some folks will definitely take this as an opportunity to learn to brew for the first time, and we wanted to invite others to make the jump and “learn to brew” all-grain.

The AHA has excellent pieces (and videos!) on brewing extract, all-grain “brew in a bag”, and all-grain batch sparging. Check them all out, and tackle what looks good to you.

Over the next week, starting tomorrow on Learn to Brew Day, we will share what brought four or five different people to brewing beer, and the sale on these ingredient kits will run until the 14th of November. We hope lots of folks, from beginners to experts, will consider what they want to “learn to brew” and take on those new and fun challenges.

Are you planning to learn (or teach!) brewing? Or, if you’re an expert brewer, are there new challenges you’re looking to take on?

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