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Introducing I22 Capri, a new hybrid strain from Imperial Yeast! 

Unique yeast strains have been in development by Imperial Yeast‘s Research & Development Team for sometime now, and the first strain to be released as part of their new IMPERAILIS line-up is I22 Capri.

Imerpial Yeast New Yeast Strain I22 CapriF.H. Steinbart Co. is super excited for this new offering from our good friends at Imperial Yeast with an expected arrival in-store by early July 2022 and we will have plenty of packs for purchase ASAP.

What is the new IMPERAILIS line-up?

Imperailis (I-Series) refers to a non-GMO hybrid or derivative yeast strain developed by Imperial Yeast, which has been honed to exhibit the desired traits necessary to create the best fermentation solutions for the brewer and consumer. These strains, like our current catalogue, are non-GMO, fully organic and kosher certified and backed by the best  technical service in the industry.

I22 Capri, the first in the I-Series, was created in the hybridization process between the A38 Juice and A43 Loki strains. Brewers will appreciate how I22 Capri highlights and retains desirable qualities from the two parent strains, volatilizes sulfur early in the fermentation process, and brings out the best in their hop forward beers. Everyone will revel in I22 Capri’s juicy ester aromatics and tropical flavors with bright citrus notes fusing into a brew fit for a well earned tropical vacation. Capri is a small-celled warrior fit to bring out the best of your IPAs! The Juicy ester aromatics of A38 Juice fuse with the tropical flavors and bright citrus notes of A43 Loki creating a delightfully pleasant drinking experience. Capri is prone to stay in suspension when in large tank vessels, volatilize sulfur early, form a tight yeast cone harvest. Try dry hopping additions with this strain for a more active fermentation.

  • Temperature Range: 72-76F (22-24C)
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Attenuation: 68-74%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%


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