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Here are some short stories about the people, places and things that help make F.H. Steinbart Co. such a special place. Check out these staff and vendor profiles, how-to articles, and general collection of interesting facts and figures we come across each and every day as we go about our business of collaborating with makers and providers of all types of consumables.

Wine with Natasha – The Choice

I’m really feeling the maxim, “if you snooze, you lose” right now. I had been a little hesitant to launch this project, and when I finally decided to just commit… The grapes I wanted were sold out. I had to scramble to decide what to go with, as I didn’t really have a second choice […]

Wine with Natasha – Prologue

Introduction It’s wine time and I work in one of the world’s most amazing wine supply shops in one of the world’s most amazing wine regions. I enjoy wine. So, reasonably, people think I have extensive knowledge of making wine. They assume I make great wine. And they are, sadly, not totally correct. I’ve only attempted to […]

Drop Acid? Raise Acid? Only Testing Can Tell You.

Tom is all over this blog right now, as it is absolutely time to talk wine all the time. In this piece, he gives the best tips on how to use an acid test kit and why you absolutely should use one. The first time I made wine was in 1970 when our very old […]

Tom’s Tips for Techniques

Tom wrote a couple handouts for the 2020 wine season and beyond. As useful as handouts are, we know it’s also incredibly helpful to have the information easily accessible online. So, with slight editing, we are putting this information up as resources for everyone. They go in order of when to use them. Wine Production […]

How to Choose the Right Wine Yeast

It’s not always obvious, but the yeast choice a person makes to ferment a beverage is extremely vital to the flavor of the final beverage. Some yeasts are “clean”, meaning they do not contribute much (if anything) to the flavor of the wine. Others produce a number of phenolics and esters, the type of which […]

Pyment-Making Advice – Tom Talks Wine

Last month, Tom answered a direct question about cork staining. This month, instead of drawing on a specific question, we asked Tom to tell us about how to make a pyment (mead/wine hybrid). Tom’s Pyment Recently, I was asked if I have ever made a pyment. A pyment is a type of mead where grapes […]

Braggot Gold – A Kviek Yeast Recipe

We love all kinds of fermentables here at F.H. Steinbart Co. So we hope it’s no surprise that we have some fun when beverages collide. In one such “collision,” beer and mead meld to give us braggots. They can be mead-forward or beer-forward or perfectly balanced between the two. Bruce & Natasha came up with […]

Buy a Mead Book, Get a Mead Book!

One of our favorite celebrations is Mead Day, and we are celebrating again this year. It’ll be virtual, as is probably obvious. We’re still ironing out the schedule, but we’re sure of one thing: Celebrations often involve gifts. Ours is no exception. Since we love knowledge, we are gifting knowledge. In the form of a […]

Buy A New T-Shirt. Show the Love and Spread the Luck.

At this point, there’s not a good way to describe what this Covid-19 world is like. The whole thing is a giant pile of bullhonkey. And that pile has landed more on some folks than others. We’ve been lucky. We’ve been able to stay open during this mess, and we are so grateful. To show […]