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Here are some short stories about the people, places and things that help make F.H. Steinbart Co. such a special place. Check out these staff and vendor profiles, how-to articles, and general collection of interesting facts and figures we come across each and every day as we go about our business of collaborating with makers and providers of all types of consumables.

Eliminate Product Spoilage and Minimize Bacterial Growth By Properly Preparing It For Shutdown

Here are a few tips for safely shutting down a Beverage System for an extended period of time of one to several weeks. Everyone’s circumstance is different, so these are only suggestions on how to extend product quality and maintain healthy draft systems. – Contact your local Line Cleaning Company for a cleaning cycle and […]

COVID-19 Notice

Updated March 28th Dear FHS Community Members, As we face these unsettled times due to the COVID-19 public health situation, we want to assure you that we’re doing everything we can at FH Steinbart to help you continue to create and enjoy your favorite beverages and other consumables in a safe and enjoyable manner. We [...]

Green Zebra Grocery

Draft Kombucha and Nitro Coffee Systems: FH Steinbart Makes It Happen At Green Zebra Grocery  The handiwork of the FH Steinbart Draft Department is featured front and center at the newest Green Zebra Grocery store, which opened in February 2020 at SE 50th and Division in Portland, Oregon. Green Zebra’s small-footprint natural-minded convenience stores allow […]

From Antarctica to Portland, Rob Porton-Jones Gets It Done

What Do You Do at FH Steinbart? I work in the Draft Department, so I work with our commercial customers as well as our general retail customers that are looking for parts, knowledge, or assistance with dispensing. I also help out in the warehouse with receiving and shipping and with general assistance around the store. […]

Introducing Holiday Wish Lists!

For those of us who are both fermentation hobbyists and about to embark upon a major gifting time of year, there’s always the question of how to give or get what we’d truly like to have from our favorite shop. Especially given almost everyone has at least one person in their life who refuses to […]

Customer Profile: Perfect Pour

 Helps Deliver Better Product and Reduce Beverage Costs Here’s the next in our occasional series of profiles of customers who do business with the Draft Department of FH Steinbart. Perfect Pour Services was born in 2008 in Portland, Oregon and now serves the entire Pacific Northwest. Perfect Pour provides a full range of draft [...]


What Is A Glycol Chiller and How It Works Best A glycol chiller is an electrically powered unit, often also referred to as a power pack. It serves as the power source for circulating a liquid coolant mix with water to keep beverages at optimum temperature when dispensing and serving. Current models use Propylene Glycol, [...]

Jim Jamison and the Story of His Grapes

Home wine makers have been able to buy fresh grapes from FH Steinbart for many years.  But where do those grapes come from? Like all the ingredients we stock at the store, we source our grapes from someone with a passion for the craft.  Jim Jamison of Richland, Washington has been supplying grapes to FH […]

Meet Our Staff: Natasha Godard

What Do You Like To Make?While I enjoy brewing beer and I’m looking forward to learning to make wine, my current fermentation obsession is vinegar. I had already decided to attempt beer vinegar long before I started at FHS, but this job definitely accelerated my experiments, since we sell vinegar mothers. It wasn’t too long […]