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Here are some short stories about the people, places and things that help make F.H. Steinbart Co. such a special place. Check out these staff and vendor profiles, how-to articles, and general collection of interesting facts and figures we come across each and every day as we go about our business of collaborating with makers and providers of all types of consumables.

Buy A New T-Shirt. Show the Love and Spread the Luck.

At this point, there’s not a good way to describe what this Covid-19 world is like. The whole thing is a giant pile of bullhonkey. And that pile has landed more on some folks than others. We’ve been lucky. We’ve been able to stay open during this mess, and we are so grateful. To show […]

Meet Our Staff: Todd Fleming

Todd Fleming was born into a Midwest farming family in St. Paul/Minneapolis. As a young boy, he relocated with his family to the Pacific Northwest when his Dad was transferred to Tacoma and then to the Weyerhaeuser Corporate Headquarters in Federal Way, WA.  As a kid, Todd got into music and soccer. He was good […]

Portland Area Line Cleaners and Draft Service Providers

It’s important to thoroughly inspect and clean your beverage dispensing system correctly prior to re-use after long periods of sitting idle. Here’s a list of just some of the many professional line cleaners in the Portland area that can help get your dispensing systems back up and running safely as you come out of COVID-19 […]

In-Person Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still allowing customers in the store? We are still allowing customers in the store, but we have a capacity limit of four (4) people at a time. We are also limiting our grain room to one (1) person at a time; this includes if you arrive in a group. Do you still accept […]

The Seasons of Wine

While anything one can ferment into a beverage is an agricultural product, only a few fermentations are truly seasonal. Wine is particularly seasonal because of both the length of time between picking fruit to drinking a glass, and the wide array of possible bases. Seasoned wine-makers know the rhythm, but what about a reference for […]

Commercial Customer Spotlight: Coopers Hall

Coopers Hall is about wine. Coopers Hall is about sustainability. Ergo, Coopers Hall is about the best ways to combine the two. Like many hospitality spots that focus on sustainability, Coopers Hall has relationships with local farmers, bakers, and other sources. Beyond that, though, they focus on almost entirely on wine on tap. Kegs are […]

Why Does Cork Stain?

Welcome to a new series, “Tom Talks Wine.” Last month we introduced Tom, who has been making wine for 50 years! Figuring all that time has to lead to some useful knowledge, we have wrangled him into a once a month column on wine. He starts with a question about cork stains and corking. Dear […]

SE Examiner Article

Meet Our Staff: Tom Thompson

My first choice for beer making is just about anything Belgian. Farmhouse and triples are my favorites. Of course, here in Oregon, pinot noir is my first choice of red wine. A close second is full bodied reds from our Eastern Oregon and Washington blends of merlot, cabernet and other red varieties now available to […]