Keep Beverage Lines Clean With Desana

What’s the payoff if dispensing equipment is kept in its cleanest possible condition? Customers obtain quality beverages, and the supplier saves money DESANA MAX, indicator/cleaner, 1.9 oz. pkg $2.95 Add to cart Desana MaxTM is the smartest heavy duty alkaline beer line cleaner in the world. During the cleaning it changes color from its original [...]

Install Peace of Mind with GovReg Secondary Regulator System

Imagine a world without huge banks of secondary regulators mounted in a long line along a wall of your walk-in cooler, with gauges that can fail or get damaged and dials that at any time can be adjusted or re-set without your knowledge. The GovReg system is one that brings some peace of mind. Seamlessly [...]

Tri-Clover Fittings Are Easy to Clean and Install

Tri-clover (or tri-clamp) fittings are a 3-part clamp system. They are stainless steel sanitary fittings used in breweries, dairies, and certain other food processing industries. Their design makes them easy to clean and sanitize, are easy to use, form a great seal and seldom leak when properly installed. Sizes include 1.5 in, 2 in, 3 [...]

Tips for Dispensing Beer on Nitrogen

Tips for Dispensing Beer on Nitrogen ]With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner it’s not unusual for our Draft team to get more questions from home brewers and folks with home draft systems about dispensing beer on nitrogen. Without a doubt, certain beers lend themselves well to the nitro method of serving. Guinness on draft, […]