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The Passing of John DeBenedetti

It is with a heavy heart that we write to tell you that John DeBenedetti has passed away.

John DeBenedettiWe mourn him.

John was only the third owner in F. H Steinbart 102 year history. John started working at Steinbarts in 1975 and became the owner after his father passed away.

John was instrumental in promoting craft and home brewing in the Pacific Northwest. John was also an avid sailor and a member of the Madeleine Parish.

John as a boy. He grew up around brewing.
John as a boy. He grew up around brewing.

John worked until his death. He enjoyed the daily goings of the shop and interacting with customers. The store will continue to stay open and in the family under the leadership of John’s wife, Mary Kay.

There will be a Mass and Rosary on John’s behalf. Given indoor restriction for gatherings, this will be for a limited group of friends and family. We are planning a remembrance celebration for later in the year when we can enjoy each other’s company in good weather and without restrictions for gatherings. We will make sure that it is well published to all of you that want to share stories of your time with John.

Condolence messages can be left as comments on this post. Flowers can be sent to Madeleine Parish for the May 8th family mass.

Left to Right: James DeBenedetti, Mary Kay DeBenedetti, John DeBenedetti, Michele Wonder
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Buy A New T-Shirt. Show the Love and Spread the Luck.

At this point, there’s not a good way to describe what this Covid-19 world is like. The whole thing is a giant pile of bullhonkey. And that pile has landed more on some folks than others. We’ve been lucky.

We’ve been able to stay open during this mess, and we are so grateful. To show our gratitude and spread the luck, we want to give back to those who have had a harder time than we have had. Given it was time for a t-shirt redesign anyway, we realized a solution was right there.

Designed by Ethan Colyer, printed by Chris Strickland at Printed Matter, and with a big chunk of the proceeds going to the Oregon Food Bank, we submit for your consideration the newest FHS t-shirt.

Of course, we think this is great. Everyone here loves the design and can’t wait to wear it. We’re thrilled our company is using this new shirt to raise funds for our community. We hope you will feel the same. And, before you ask, yes FHS will be donating to Oregon Food Bank continuously with this design. We understand that even once things become less awful, there will still be need. As a member of the Oregon community for over a century, and as a founding member of the brewing community, we’ve seen this need over and over. We will be here at least another century, and we’ll be helping the whole time.

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In-Person Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still allowing customers in the store?

We are still allowing customers in the store, but we have a capacity limit of four (4) people at a time. We are also limiting our grain room to one (1) person at a time; this includes if you arrive in a group.

Do you still accept cash?


Do you require face masks?

We do not require face masks at this time, but we strongly encourage them as per CDC’s recommendations.

17 June 2020 update: Multnomah County enters Phase I reopening on the 19th of June. We will be requiring face masks as per the requirements under Multnomah County entering Phase I.

Are you still filling CO2 tanks at this time?

Yes, we are! We can fill anything that’s within certification from paint ball canisters to 10 lb tanks. We cannot fill larger.

You cannot place an order online for a fill, but you can leave us a note in your order saying you’ll be bringing your tank to be filled. We will be happy to take & fill your tank and process your payment while you wait outside, leaving the store available for people who need other things as well as keeping things safer for you & our staff.

If you are only coming for a CO2 refill, please feel free to go to the tent designated for order pick-ups & follow the procedure above.

Can you fill my Soda Stream canister?

We cannot fill anything from Soda Stream. They use proprietary technology that we do not have.

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COVID-19 Notice

Updated June 17th

During (and beyond!) the COVID-19 public health situation, we’re doing everything we can at F.H. Steinbart to help you continue to create your favorite beverages and other consumables. This post is to detail some of the steps we are taking toward this end.

Until further notice our brick and mortar shop will be open 9-4 Monday through Saturday. We are closed Sundays at this time. Our website,, is always open. Pick-up and shipping options have also changed.

In-Person Shopping:

17 June 2020 addition: Multnomah County moves into Phase I reopening on June 19th. We will begin requiring masks to shop in person at this time.

We have adjusted the store hours (see above) and we are limiting the number of customers in the SE Portland store to four (4) at any time. When we are at capacity, we will let you know. Usually there will be a sign at the door. We request that you form a line on the south side of the door, where we have designated spots for the line when we are at capacity. They are black “X” marks every six feet all the way around the corner.

If you are only coming for a CO2 refill, please feel free to go to the tent designated for web order pick-ups. We will be happy to take & fill your tank and process your payment while you wait outside, leaving the store available for people who need other things and keeping things safer for you and our staff.

If you are looking to purchase grain, our grain room is open. If you have your grain bill ready and would like us to do so, we are happy to gather and grind your grain for you. If you would prefer to measure out your own grain, you are welcome to do so. Note that while we are currently still allowing customers to measure out their own grain if they so desire, we are also limiting the number of customers in the grain room to one (1) at a time. Please be aware this is the case even if you arrive at the shop with another person.

Online Ordering:

If you order online for store pickup there is no need to call and check on when your order is complete. You will be notified your order has been completed by an automated email from our system.

In our parking lot, we have a clearly designated area for you to receive your order. Walk up to the tent and step up to the table under the tent. We will pass you your order over this table; it is set up to be wide enough for appropriate social distancing in both directions. You do not need to enter the store to pick up your order — in fact it would be best if you did not. Someone should be in the warehouse at all times to assist you. We even have one of the iconic “ring for assistance” bells in the event you do not see someone.  If someone does not arrive within a few moments of ringing the bell, there is a doorbell to try next. Both are being sanitized regularly.

If you have realized you need to purchase additional items beyond what is in your order, let us know when you arrive at the tent. We will be happy to run into the shop to grab your last-minute add-ons and process your payment. This includes if you would like a CO2 refill. (See above.)

If you would prefer not to have to come to our store at all, there are a few shipping options.

  • In the Portland Metro Area, most orders totaling $30.00 and more qualify for free shipping. If your order qualifies, the “free shipping” option will be available for your selection during checkout. These local orders may be delivered by FHS rather than the usual FedEx, UPS or USPS, however we reserve the right to choose the actual shipment method in all circumstances.
  • Outside Portland Metro Area, most orders qualify for free shipping at $30.00 and above. Some restrictions apply and we cannot personally deliver. As above, if your order qualifies, the “free shipping” option will be made available for your selection.
  • For any orders under $30.00, we have a flat $6.99 charge for shipping. This, and the free shipping offer above, apply only in the 48 contiguous states.
  • If you don’t see the option for free shipping for your order on our website, feel free to email or call (503) 232-8793 and we can help you figure everything out.

Our plan is to remain open. As the situation evolves, so may our store hours. We’ll keep in touch via newsletters like this one and various social media platforms. And we’re always available 24/7 through our website. Be safe and healthy. We thank you for your patronage and your understanding of these necessary policies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From the Team at FH Steinbart

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Green Zebra Grocery

Draft Kombucha and Nitro Coffee Systems:

FH Steinbart Makes It Happen At Green Zebra Grocery 

The handiwork of the FH Steinbart Draft Department is featured front and center at the newest Green Zebra Grocery store, which opened in February 2020 at SE 50th and Division in Portland, Oregon. Green Zebra’s small-footprint natural-minded convenience stores allow the company to serve communities where big stores can’t fit. Just like FH Steinbart, they get to know their neighbors, and they take pride in supporting a thriving community.

Draft technicians from FH Steinbart designed and installed a custom 11-product Draft Kombucha System and a four-product Nitro Coffee on Tap dispensing unit located near another entrance to the newest Green Zebra store.

The Draft Kombucha System that FH Steinbart installed has dual pressure ranges to accommodate the varying levels of CO2, due to kombucha being a continually fermenting product. It can also handle different amounts of CO2 in the chemical makeup of the liquid, which varies from brand to brand. 

FH Steinbart draft technicians also needed to provide the client with the ability to connect into different types of kegs, whether a kombucha producer uses Sankey D or Ball Lock style connectors. The Ball Lock connectors feature a Steinbart designed check valve component. Since 2017, FH Steinbart has also done smaller jobs at other Green Zebra locations around Portland. 

Green Zebra Grocery was founded by Lisa Sedlar, who had been CEO of New Seasons Markets for several years. New Seasons is a regional, high-growth natural foods grocer in Portland, with 13 retail locations and revenues exceeding $300 million.

Lisa points out that Portland consumes 70% more kombucha than any other US metro market, putting Portland way ahead of the curve. The fact that Lisa’s two personal passions, which are kombucha and a fresh drip approach to coffee, are highly featured elements of the newest Green Zebra store, puts FH Steinbart in a beautifully crafted position as the “Trusted Company for Design and Implementation” for the systems “driving her ideas and delivering her products.” Her little coffee corner idea is destined to become one of the busiest stops on one of the most heavily pedestrian trafficked corners in Portland.