Do you need to refill your CO2 tank?

At F.H. Steinbart Co. we can refill various sizes of CO2 tanks while you wait with our bulk refill services. Most tanks can be refilled same day in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Refill Price by Tank Size

12 oz.
$ 9.00
16 oz.
$ 10.00
20 oz.
$ 10.50
24 oz.
$ 11.00
2.5 lb.
$ 14.00
5 lb.
$ 22.00
10 lb.
$ 36.00
20 lb.
$ 45.00
Prices subject to change due to changing supply costs

All tanks must be within their five year certification

How to check if your CO2 tank is within it’s 5 year certification.
On the shoulder of your tank there are some embossed letters and numbers that detail the size/capacity of the tank, it’s tare weight and the pressure test certification date which is typically a 2 digit number representing the month, a symbol/code identifying the certifying party, and a 2 digit number representing the year of certification.  If you have multiple dates stamped, refer to the latest date (see image for example).

How do I get my tank re-certified?

In the Portland area we suggest Huser Fire Fighting Equipment on North Tillimook Street. They will test, certify and refill your tank.

Do you refill SodaStream tank?

Unfortunately we are NOT able to refill Soda Stream tanks.