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Craft Malt for Brewers and Distillers

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As homebrewers continue to experiment with the effects of varietal, locality, and process on malt and beer flavors, we are seeking out the highest quality and most interesting craft malts available anywhere.

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Admiral Maltings

Alameda, CA

Through our unique mix of modern technology and traditional practices, we aim to both unlock and capture California’s terroir in our malt, offering a truly exceptional ingredient and experience.


Gold Rush Malts

Baker City, OR

Gold Rush Malts sources local malts exclusively from small family farms in the three high valleys of Northeast Oregon. Its malts are produced exclusively for the craft brewer and distiller. Gold Rush works with university researchers to offer exciting varieties that are chosen for their unique flavor contributions that set your beers apart.

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Mainstem Malts

Walla Walla, WA

Mainstem Malt is on a mission to build innovative malt supply chains in support of family farms, rural communities, and on-farm conservation efforts — starting with water and striving for comprehensive sustainability.

All Mainstem malts offered at F.H. Steinbarts are of a single farm, single varietal, and single vintage, not to mention Salmon-Safe certified, dry farmed, family farmed, and craft malted.

Our novel approach to supply chain management and grain tracking has enabled custom malting from specific grain lots, down to a single varietal, crop year, farmer, and field. Radical supply chain transparency invites you to travel upstream from your favorite malty products, and offers the tools you need to tease apart nuance in malt flavor across varietal, geography, and seasonality.

Grain terroir is uncharted territory and together, we’re excited to see what we’ll discover. Regardless of what we find in terms of flavor, this hyper-transparent production format helps us connect folks to agriculture in a way that is undeniably real.

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Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Mecca Grade Malts

Madras, OR

Forged by one family’s pioneering spirit, Mecca Grade Estate Malt creates the missing ingredient in your beer: a malt of uncompromising character and complexity, made for brewers and beer lovers alike.

Skagit Valley Malting

Skagit Valley Malt

Burlington WA

Skagit Valley Malting is unique in its capability to reliably source both familiar and new, distinctive grain varietals – and to malt each one to its peak flavor and performance potential. Our multi-processor, small-batch malt system (10 Tons per batch, per machine) provides incomparable flexibility and scalability.  Unlike conventional maltsters, we malt an impressive spectrum of grains to a wide range of precise specifications.  We begin with modest volumes – from our pilot machine to a single production batch – and scale up, to meet the customer’s needs. Our on-site grain handling and storage capabilities, along with our local grower partnerships, give us control over our grain inventory and quality, so you can rest assured that we will have the product you need, when you need it.

Troubadour malting

Troubadour Maltings

Fort Collins, CO

The tradition of the troubadour is of a wandering storyteller.  A lyric poet who wrote songs of a complex metrical form, telling stories of adventure and love.

In the spirit of the troubadour, our love of spirits and passion for supporting local economies has inspired us to tell the malting story established centuries ago through malting of locally grown grains.  At Troubadour Maltings, we produce malt of the highest quality for the brewing and distilling industry to enable a truly artisan product.

Through building relationships with the growers of grains from the fields surrounding Fort Collins and throughout Colorado, and in taking a craft approach to the malting process, we can produce unique and incredibly flavorful malts that can inspire the wildest imaginations of the brewers and distillers of craft beers and spirits.