Draft Services


CO2 Refills
Bring us your CO2 cylinders and we will refill them (up to 10 lb. capacity). We cannot fill CO2 cylinders that have an expired pressure test certification date (typically a 5 years from date of certification stamp). NOTE: we cannot fill Soda Stream branded CO2 cylinders.

How to check if your CO2 tank is within it’s 5 year certification.
On the shoulder of your tank there are some embossed letters and numbers that detail the size/capacity of the tank, it’s tare weight and the pressure test certification date which is typically a 2 digit number representing the month, a symbol/code identifying the certifying party, and a 2 digit number representing the year of certification.  If you have multiple dates stamped, refer to the latest date (see image for example).


CO2 Refill Pricing (effective 1/01/2021):
12 ounce tank $9.00| 20 ounce tank $10.00| 24 ounce tank $11.00 | #1 pound tank $10.00| 2.5 pound tank $14.00  | 5 pound tank $22.00  | 10 pound tank $36.00| 20 pound tank $45.00


Regulator Repairs
Rebuild kits available for Tap-Rite and Cornelius regulators.

Regulator Replacement Parts

New Regulators

We cannot work on all manufacturer’s regulators and will not work on those older models we deem to be unsafe.

Jockey Boxes:
We can inspect, tune-up and repair you jockey boxes.  Have special mobile dispensing needs? Maybe a custom designed jockey box is what you need and we’ll be happy to work with you through all the details to build a customized jokey box specific to your individual needs.

Buy a Jockey Box

Custom Shaft Box Construction

Cooler wall window boxes. We fabricate up to 10 feet length. A large variety of faucets and other option based on their needs. Air cooled or glycol cooled. Call us for an estimate.

Custom Remote Systems Construction

We can design and install just about anything. Air cooled and glycol ready dispensing projects. Arrange a time we can come into your facility and prepare a bid based on your desires.


Custom Drip Pan Construction

Growler filling stations with rinsers. Built to customer specifications. Ask us for an estimate.

Carbonation Systems

We stock soda arms, water arms, carbonators, & cold plates on demand. If you want instant carbonation beverages at your fingertips contact us we can provide advice, recommendations and all the help you need for your project.