F.H. Steinbart Loyalty Program

Our new loyalty program, which we began rolling out in September 2023, is available to all customers except those commercial customers with a preferred pricing tier.

It is easy to get started by setting up an login account via our website and make a purchase (in-store customers can enroll at the register at time check-out).

What are the benefits?

The program is based on dollars spent which convert to points. As you accrue points, they can be redeemed for coupon codes such as 15% OFF next purchase (see below listing of rewards available).

For those who spend more with us can earn double and triple points on purchases as part of the Silver and Gold level. At 500 points within a calendar year start earning double points, and at 2000 points within a calendar year and start earning triple points.


  • 5% OFF purchase for 150 points.
  • 15% OFF purchase for 300 points.
  • $30.00 OFF purchase for 500 points.
  • $200.00 OFF purchaser 2000 points.

Checking your points earned and available rewards

  1. Login to your account via our website F.H. Steinbart Co.
  2. In the lower right of the screen click on the Check Rewards button.