F.H. Steinbart Co. Rental Agreement

To rent any equipment from F.H. Steinbart Co., you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions. 

To guarantee your equipment rental reservation, a credit card must be on record and associated with the reservation scheduled and rental fees applied within the FH Steinbart Co. online rental software managed by www.Peek.com.

All rentals are for one (1) twenty-four (24) hour time period which begins at the schedule pick-up time of the reservation.

Additional time can be booked at time of reservation. If you need additional time, please contact us to extend the rental period.

Rentals returned late, after the reservation time period, are subject to a late fee charge at the discretion of management and up to the total time period cost of equipment being returned late.

Cancelation of a rental reservation requires a phone call to F.H. Steinbart Co. at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation in order to receive a full refund of rental fees. Late cancelation fee is 50% of the standard rental fees, per the item reserved.

Damage, loss, misuse, or abuse of rental equipment may result in partial or complete charge of the deposit amount of the rental equipment in question after a complete inspection and evaluation.

Cleaning fees may be applied for rental equipment returned without being properly cleaned. Proper cleaning is explained below for different types of equipment.

Draft Equipment exterior should be rinsed thoroughly. Please do NOT disconnect any beverage or gas lines except for the quick disconnect at the regulator as it can cause damage or lose and you could be charged for replacement and/or repair of the rental equipment. F.H. Steinbart staff inspects and cleans all lines, taps, and faucets after each rental.

Wine and Cider Equipment should be rinsed clean of all residual pulp, skins, stems, juice, and other debris including inside, outside and underneath.