Homebrew Classes

Class Level: Beginner 

Class Size:

Fee: $15 

Location: F.H. Steinbart 234 SE 12th Ave. Portland. 

What you’ll learn in this brewing class: 

The FHS Introductory Home Brewing Class is the perfect introduction to Beer Making. Let our experts get you started on your way to making your own home brew. In this introductory series student will learn: 

  • How malt, hops and yeast affect beer flavor 
  • What basic equipment is necessary to home brew 
  • How to properly sanitize use and store equipment 
  • How to set up the brewing area 
  • The difference between basic beer styles 
  • How to brew a basic partial grain recipe 
  • How to properly bottle craft beer 

Participants can return two to four weeks after the class to bottle the beer brewed during the class and get to take home a six-pack for themselves. 

Participants will also receive a certificate for 10% discount at F.H. Steinbart good for the day of the class.

Current Scheduled Class Dates Sat May. 18th, 2024.