Mead Day Info 2020

Mead Day – Celebrate with FHS!

The first Saturday of August is Mead Day, so of course we celebrate! The transformation of honey into a variety of alcoholic beverages dates back so long we Steinbartonians (at least) don’t really know when it originated. Or where. Though, we wager it has multiple origins across many continents, given how many mead traditions exist across the globe.

Mead Day 2020

Our 2020 Celebration will be virtual, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be less fantastic. It DOES mean that we can throw it open to people around that same globe, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

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Events for 2020:

  • History and Predictions: Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor, author of “The Art of Mead Tasting and Food Pairing” and co-owner of Kookoolan Farms and World Meadery, will discuss so much. Starting with mead origins, styles and global traditions. The commercial mead industry within the US has been and where it is going is on the agenda too.
  • Honey Tasting: To best match a barrel to a honey varietal for aging, Lee Hedgemon of The Barreled Bee has to be able to taste what’s delicious, and what’s not, in any given honey sample. She’ll teach you how to assess honey for yourself, to plan your best meads.
  • “How do I…”: “Simple” does not always mean, “easy.” In fact, sometimes “simple” is incredibly difficult. Making something that relies on few ingredients and the technique and the instincts of the maker, for example. Jon Oppegaard of Oppegaard Meadery will take questions about mead-making to help improve your skills.
  • “It Tastes Like…”: Knowing what the breadth of mead styles is, and how to assess them, is a huge boon to deciding what and how to make it. Furthermore, being able to explain flavors beyond “honey” to others can help you all appreciate mead more. Jesse McMillin of Mac Mead Hall will take you through a virtual mead flight to teach you how to taste mead, and what sorts of flavors you might discover.
  • Virtual Toast: We have invited mead experts from all over to join us in a virtual mead toast. You’ll be able to see a small segment of what the mead community looks like and get tips from each one of them along the way. All while drinking a delicious beverage!
  • Giveaways! No celebration is complete without presents, so we are ready to give some things away! Keep your eyes peeled for books and kits (and maybe more!) along the way.

2020 Participants:

We have a lot of folks to say “thank you” to for participating in our event this year. We’re including their links below, so you can find them easily.