2022 Wine Grapes

Welcome to FH Steinbart’s 2022 Wine Grape and Juice offering.

All whole grapes are priced by the pound (lb.), and juice is priced by the gal, with a 20% deposit required to reserve your order.

One (1) gallon of finished wine from whole grapes requires approximately twenty (20) pounds (lb.) of entire grapes. Please purchase in quantities related to the desired finished volume of wine.

For those seeking wine grapes or juice to blend with homebrewed beer, we recommend starting with ten to twenty (10-20 lbs.) pounds of whole grapes and/or half to one gallon (0.5-1 gallon) of juice per five (5) gallon batch size.

Delivery of grapes/juice usually begins in September and occurs in our parking lot on Sundays. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates as we are subject to the readiness of the fruit and the growers’ schedule. Whenever possible, the grower will notify us about a week before their planned harvest of each variety and will confirm delivery of specific varieties by mid-week (historically, it has been Wednesday afternoon).

Please plan to be available to pick up your order when it arrives that Sunday. Any grapes or juice not picked up on the designated Sunday may incur additional processing and fees, and F.H. Steinbart Co. can not be held liable for the quality of the fruit if not picked up on time.

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Showing all 14 results