Mainstem Malt

Mainstem Malt is on a mission to build innovative malt supply chains in support of family farms, rural communities, and on-farm conservation efforts — starting with water and striving for comprehensive sustainability.

All Mainstem malts offered at F.H. Steinbarts are of a single farm, single varietal, and single vintage, not to mention Salmon-Safe certified, dry farmed, family farmed, and craft malted.

Our Products Page: Our novel approach to supply chain management and grain tracking has enabled custom malting from specific grain lots, down to a single varietal, crop year, farmer, and field. Radical supply chain transparency invites you to travel upstream from your favorite malty products, and offers the tools you need to tease apart nuance in malt flavor across varietal, geography, and seasonality.

Grain terroir is uncharted territory and together, we’re excited to see what we’ll discover. Regardless of what we find in terms of flavor, this hyper-transparent production format helps us connect folks to agriculture in a way that is undeniably real.

Trace each of our products to the headwaters at:

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