1 Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Glass Jar Filter


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This filter is to be used with a 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Jar (see option) to make cold brew coffee. How much coffee you can produce is a factor of how much coffee grounds you use to brew and the displacement created by the coffee and the filter itself. The filter itself displaces very little of the liquid.

While we are by no means baristas, we talk to them all the time and they have recommended using a 1:1 gallon to pound ratio. Given that the intended vessel is 1 gallon in capacity and the coffee will displace some of this liquid, we would recommend using less than 1 pound of coffee.

Keep in mind that you are creating a concentrated coffee meant to be poured over ice or diluted. You can also add hot water for traditional hot coffee. Also bear in mind that, just as in brewing beer, personal preferences and differing opinions will dictate your brew.

Here are some general guidelines for using. Keep in mind that personal taste will allow for significant variation

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