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Produces a bright straw wort with notes of honeysuckle, vanilla and dry grass.

Applications & Description

Our take on the classic style, Admiral Pils is made from low protein barley that is lightly kilned to produce a malt with delicate color and clean, vibrant flavor. Admiral Pils is a great choice to deliver freshly kilned malt aroma to old world lagers, saisons and farmhouse ales, and any other lightly-colored styles.

All of Admiral’s malts are produced from grain grown sustainably by California family farms. The Copeland barley used in this batch of Admiral Pils was grown organically by John Crawford of Cascade Farms of Tulelake, CA.

Sample Analysis

Protein 10.2%

S/T 47.5%

Moisture 4.8%

Friability 96.1%

Fine Extract 80.4% D.B.

Beta-Glucan 73 mg/L

Fan 215 mg/L

Alpha Amylase 49.1

Diastic Power (Lintner) 108 ?L

Filtration Time

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

Admiral Maltings

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