Ash (activated charcoal) 10 oz.


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Ash (activated charcoal) is a food grade charcoal is used on soft cheese to neutralize the surface. It can help create a friendly environment for the growth of penicillium candidum and other ripening molds while inhibiting unwanted mold growth.

Molds such as penicillium candidum grow best at lower acid levels than typical fresh cheese, including most goat cheese. Adding ash neutralizes the surface acid, creating a sweeter surface, especially for high acid lactic cheese. This helps the mold surface develop quickly and more complete. It also increases the rate of surface protein, responsible for a nice translucent area under the rind.


Mix ash with 1:5 to 1:8 salt ratio before dusting onto the cheese surface.

After applying, within a few days, the black rind will become grey as white mold grow through it. Within 8-10 days the entire rind should be white.

Ashed rind cheese can be easier to care for and usually develop a blue-gray, mottled rind, condensed, nutty texture and strong creamy flavor.

If mold growth is blue instead of white the cheese is too acidic. If the molds are grey and hairy, the cheese is not acidic enough, and is retaining too much moisture as a result.


Store in cool, dry location



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