Auto-Siphon Screen 300 Micron Mesh Stainless Steel


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One of the better ways to clean up your beer other than time, temperature or using a filter system is to prevent solids from transferring upon moving your beer. This can be accomplished by putting your siphon or hose into a fine nylon bag, but eventually these bags start to look pretty nasty. That’s why we created a filter to stick your siphon into in order to prevent solids from transferring. By doing this, you also avoid getting these same solids stuck in your siphon. You can use this filter to put your auto siphon into to transfer out of, or you can put the hose into the filter in the vessel into which you are transferring. There are merits to both.

The filter measures 21-1⁄8″ in length with an approximate diameter of 1.175″ (roughly 11⁄64″) and is composed of 300 micron stainless mesh. This filter fit into every single glass carboy we own, some more snuggly than others. Both the 3⁄8″ and the 1⁄2″ Fermtech Auto Siphons will fit into the screen.

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