Bacteria Linens (Red Mold) Cheese Culture


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Brevibacterium Linens (red mold) is used in making surface-ripened or interior mold-ripened cheeses such as Brick, Limburger and Muenster. It develops rapidly, ensures a good ripening, and produces flavor. This can be added to the milk at the beginning of the process as well as used in the wash (needs re-hydrating for 8-12 hrs in light salt wash) during the ripening process for washed rind cheeses. The characteristic yellow to orange color may take 15-20 days to develop.

Ingredients: Brevibacterium linens LR (corynebacteriae)

Store in the freezer

1/16 tsp per 2 gallons of milk, added directly to the milk, will inoculate approximately 2000 gallons of milk.

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