Ball Lock Adapter Tapping Head for PET Kegs


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This handy PCO38 Tapping Head assembly is a great way to get into kegging. Using standard homebrew ball lock disconnects, this is a convenient, light weight, robust and inexpensive solution to kegging beer, cocktails, kombucha, wine, and other beverages.

This PCO38 tapping head assembly has been designed to suit standard PCO38 bottle necks such as the 8L Oxebar Mono PET Keg. The plastics used in the tapping head can withstand a wide range of chemicals used in the brewing industry and relatively high temperatures (212°F / 100°C).

The Ball Lock Tapping Head kit comes with 2.5 BAR (36 psi) PRV, liquid and gas ball lock posts, and dip tube with filter attachment.

PET Keg shown in the example photo is sold separately.

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