Ball Lock Spunding Valve Assembly


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Assembly Includes:

  • Ball Lock Gas Coupler 1/4 in. Flare
  • Stainless Adapter 1/4 in. FFL x 1/4 in. MPT
  • 1/4 in. FPT Stainless Tee
  • PRESSURE GAUGE, 0-30 p.s.i., R.H.
  • Adjustable Stainless Gas Pressure Relief – 1/4 in. MPT


Use for pressure fermentation, pressure transfers, and pressure testing/adjustment. Adjust pressure relief with the finger adjusting screw on the bottom. Relief range of 0-30 PSI.

In order to set the PRV pressure for venting during fermentation, it’s best to pressurize the keg first to just over your desired vent pressure, rotate the PRV clockwise nearly all the way and then attach the spunding valve to the keg. Rotate the knob counter-clockwise slowly until it begins venting. Find the spot where it vents down to your desired pressure and then stops. To check that you’ve set it properly, remove the spunding, repressurize the keg to a few PSI above your set pressure and then reattach the spunding to watch for appropriate pressure venting.

Warning:We recommend using a vessel with an overpressure vent in ADDITION to using the spunding. It’s always better to have redundant overpressure protection when fermenting in a pressure vessel. It is safer to use an open blowoff device for the front end of a fermentation and then switch to spunding when krausen has subsided.


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