Ball Lock Product Jumper Post with 3/8 in. Barb


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Use this jumper post to connect a ball lock product coupler  to 3/8 ” I.D. tubing. The post is the same connection as the product/out stud on a soda (“corny”) keg. It does not have an internal poppet spring, so it is free flowing and will not shut off when the ball lock coupler is removed from the stud. It is not the correct size to fit ball lock gas couplers. Made of 304 stainless steel. Hooking this up to a pump (powered or hand pump bottle) gives you a quick and easy way to clean your kegerator draft lines with ball lock connections. May be used for transfers and dispensing other carbonated or non-carbonated beverages. When dispensing beer, keep as far from faucet as possible. Results will vary as inside cavity may cause turbulence.

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