Basic Homebrewing Starter Equipment Kit (5 Gallon Batch Size)


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Basic DIY Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit 
The basic 5 gallon fermentation equipment starter kit comes with the core set of items to get you started making five-gallon batches of beer, cider and/or mead at home. 

 What is included: 

  • 8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket 

  • 6 Gallon Bottling/Utility Bucket with a spigot 

  • Three-piece airlock 

  • Fermometer (stick on LCD style) 

  • Triple scale hydrometer 

  • Beer/Wine thief 

  • Bottle filler 

  • Auto-siphon 

  • Vinyl tubing 4’ x 5/16” 

  • Bottle brush 

  • Boil proof spoon 

  • Handheld Black Beauty bottle capper  

  • StarSan Sanitizer 4 oz. 

  • PBW Cleaner 120g

  • Floating Thermometer 


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