BEER CONDUIT, 1/4″ , 6 product, ft.


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Recommended for line run lengths less than 50′. ( Six 1/4″ dia. product lines wrapped over two 1/4″ dia. glycol lines. Priced per foot.)

Made to order and to the customers specifications. (Desired length) This item cannot be kept in stock. Allow 14-16 days for construction. Anticipate added shipping costs. Contact us for an estimate.

Choose up to 24 product lines using NSF, FDA approved Bev-Seal Ultra. Bev-Seal Ultra dual barrier tubing is the industries only truly flushable tubing. It will eliminate flavor transfer from fruit beers, root beers, and ciders as well as prevent oxygen absorption. The smooth inner layer also reduces bacterial growth and ensures easier cleaning.

All lines numbered and/or color coded for ease of installation.

Waterproof and flame retardant exterior vinyl jacket.

Closed cell 3/4” wall insulation – CFC free – flame and smoke rating 25/50 astm e 84 – UL – MEA Restriction value = .30 lbs/foot

Capacity = 1/3 oz./foot

(Picture is intended to represent the concept of generic glycol conduit wrapped and securely contained within sponge rubber insulation. Actual product appearance will vary.)


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