Bert’s Beer Baster Hop Concentrate



When I began my journey in the beer world, I heard a story about a hop-loving brewer who carried a vial of hop oil in his pocket. Whenever he left home, he used the oil to improve pints of the only beer usually available – industrial lager – boosting its appeal, and creating a beer legend in the process.

Inspired by this story, I’ve created a hop concentrate you can use to baste your own beers: those you brew, or ones you encounter in the wild.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Each bottle is just 15 mL, but its small size disguises its strength. Just a few drops are enough for most beers, and each bottle contains about 300 drops, or roughly 100 beers.

Single-Varietal Hop Concentrate

I prefer single-origin coffee and varietal wine – I think individual hop varieties are just as interesting, so I have created four different hop concentrates that will let you experience each variety’s characteristic aroma:

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