Universal Harness for Big Mouth Bubbler & Carboys


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The harness is compatible with every member of our Big Mouth family both plastic and glass, both regular and siphonless. It also works with standard 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon carboys.

After several iterations, tests and tweaks, we’re proud to introduce the Northern Brewer Universal Harness. Specifically designed to fit every fermentor in our Big Mouth Bubbler family, it incorporates a detachable lid retention strap to ensure your Big Mouth Bubbler lid stays in place during even the most robust fermentations.  

The new Universal Harness was designed to highlight our Big Mouth Bubbler family, a product of the same innovation and passion for making homebrewing easier. By making it locally, our engineers were given the flexibility to customize, test and tweak every detail of the Harness’ construction along the way. This journey has resulted in the toughest and most modular homebrew handler on the planet, equipped with enough strength and durability to meet all your fermentation needs. Whether lifting, transporting, sanitizing, or storing, the Harness holds tight to its passenger. The included detachable lid retention strap ensures your Big Mouth Bubbler lid stays in place during even the most intense fermentations so you can sleep better at night. 

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