Blichmann Hop Rocket


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Unlike our competitors' units, made from simple kitchenware fitted with a basic false bottom, the Blichmann Engineering HopRocketÖ has been designed from the ground up for efficiency and versatility to be a purpose-built, heavy-duty hopback and hop infuser. This clean-slate approach is just our track record of providing premium performance and features.

Pressure-tight – up to 40 psi operation!

Holds up to 3 oz. of whole hops as a hopback and 4 oz. as an infuser – twice as much as the competition!

100% stainless construction and silicone seals

No need to monitor wort level because the HopRocketÖ will never overflow

Fully enclosed system from brew kettle to fermentor means no volatile hop aromas are lost!

Optional HopRocket Mounting kit to easily integrate your Hopback into your TopTierÖ modular brewing stand

Inlet at the bottom allows air to automatically purge to reduce hot-side aeration

Fine filter with wiper seal sends very

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Weight4.000 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 11 in