Briess American Honey Malt / Bulk by lb.


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Smooth, clean, honey, sweet bread, biscuit

This is a traditional melanoidin style malt with a complex flavor. This custom‐crafted malt lends sweet bakery flavors that increase in complexity with higher usage rates. With lower inclusion, you can expect subtle honey and bread flavors. At higher usage, expect complex bakery flavors ranging from honey and graham cracker to biscuit and brown sugar.

It can be used in a wide variety of beer styles from light lagers & ales to malt-forward beers like dark lagers, red, and Scottish ales.

SRM: 25

Usage Levels/Beer Styles
1-5%: To add honey & sweet bread flavors in light beers
5-10%: Contributes complex honey, graham cracker & malty flavors in ales & dark beers
10-20%: Delivers prominent warming bakery-like flavors such as biscuit, honey & brown sugar

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