Carboy Plastic (P.E.T.)


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These plastic carboys are made from 100% Virgin PET plastic, which is far more resistant to oxygen than regular plastic. In addition to being safer to handle, they’re more economical than glass as well. With no ribs on the sides, there’s no place for yeast and sediment to collect, making cleaning a breeze. We suggest cleaning them with an overnight PBW soak, shake, rinse, and sanitize. You’ll want to avoid vigorous scrubbing during cleaning to avoid scratches.

3 Gallon Size – Weight: 1.84 lb. | Height: 16.60 in. | Length: 10.25 in. | Width: 9.65 in.
5 Gallon Size – Weight: 2.5 lb. | Height: 20.35 in. | Length: 10.85 in. | Width: 10.95 in.
6 Gallon Size – Weight: 2.72 lb. | Height: 19.85 in. | Length: 11.85 in. | Width: 11.7 in.


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3 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 6 Gallon


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