Cascade Fresh (Wet) Hops – 1 lb


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Fresh hop season fills the air with excitement and ceremony for brewers, farmers, and craft beer drinkers around the globe. Fresh hops (also referred to as green or wet hops) are un-dried, raw hops picked from the bine and used in the brewing process usually within 24 hours. Hops are a perennial plant and fresh hops are only available during the hop harvest season which lies around mid-August through mid-September in the northern hemisphere.

Fresh hops are available for in-store pick-up or next day air only, and we suggest being prepared to brew with them immediately upon receiving them. If you must, we have had great results freezing our fresh hops for later use. You will receive a phone call and email notifying you when your order is ready to be picked up.

Due to the water content of fresh hops, we recommend using a 4:1 ratio of fresh hops to conventional hops. That is to say that for every oz. of hops in your recipe, use AT LEAST 4 oz. of fresh hops.

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