Gewürztraminer Grapes 2023 by 33lb. Box


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Gewürztraminer Grapes 2023 Season

The is a PRE-ORDER and DEPOSIT for fresh wine grapes.

Gewürztraminer grapes will be sold by the box of 33 lb. with a deposit of $ 20.00 per box.

  • 1 box will yield about 1-1.5 gallons of wine.
  • 3 boxes will yield about 5-6 gallon of wine.

Price per 33 lb. box = $ 91.00 (balance due at delivery minus deposit = $ 71.00).

When will your grapes arrive?

  • Grape harvest begins late August to early September.
  • It lasts about 6-8 weeks.
  • This depends on the grape variety and the growing season.
  • We will know about a week before the grower is ready to deliver each variety.
  • FHS staff will contact you when we know the delivery date which will usually be the following Sunday.

**Please try to plan to be available during this time frame (or have someone else available) to pick up your grape order.  Unfortunately, we DO NOT have space to hold grapes past the day of delivery.**

What can you expect on delivery day and what should you bring?

  • We will have our motorized grape de-stemmer and crusher operating to help you crush your order.
  • We will have our bladder press available for pressing juice from your crushed grapes.
  • We will provide grape stats such as Brix, pH, TA.
  • We will add pectic enzyme and/or sulfites at time of crush unless you prefer to do it yourself.
  • You will be able to purchase supplies in our store same day, but you are welcome place a web order to ensure we have exactly what you need and want without the chance of items being out of stock at time of pick-up.
  • You should bring a vessel(s) to transport you crushed grapes that is about twice the volume size you plan to make (100 lb. of grapes to make 5-6 gallons will require 10-12 gallon vessel).

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