Gnome, Draft Style Root Beer Flavor – 4oz.


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Making Gnome Soda Pop is as easy as heating up some sugar & water and adding some delicious Gnome Soda extract.

There are two basic methods for putting bubbles in(carbonating)Gnome soda pop, naturally or artificially.

Natural carbonation is actually a minor fermentation of the sugar in the pop. This is the oldest form of making a “sparkling” beverage.

Basic Instructions for Naturally Carbonated

Gnome Draft Style Root Beer – 2.5 gallons

* Rehydrate yeast. Dissolve well-rounded 1⁄4 tsp. powdered yeast

in 1⁄2 cup drinking water at 85-95 F. Allow yeast to rehydrate

for at least 10 min. Set aside for use later.

* Heat Mixture. In a large stock pot, heat one half gallon to 130 F.+-

* Completely dissolve 2.5 lbs. (5 cups) cane sugar and

add 1-2 oz.(2-4 Tbsp.) Gnome Draft Style Root Beer extract.

* Cool Mixture. Cool the 1⁄2 gallon concentrate by placing

it in a cold water bath in the sink.

* Stir occasionally until mixture is 95 F.+�

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