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Automation without removing the fun of brewing, be as involved as you want to be! More automation means you can multitask or simply relax while brewing and then be alerted when to return for your next step.

Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience.

Connect Controller Instructions

Control Box Features:

Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so it can be controlled remotely

PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output

Programmable step mashing

Delayed heating – fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away

Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily

Waterproof graphic display

Lugs at rear which can be changed to suit any Grainfather currently on the market

Use in manual mode or with app

App Features:


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Weight 2.600 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 7 in


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