Japanese White Koji 20 oz.

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  • White Koji is an exciting new specialty ingredient formulated specifically for the brewing industry
  • Instant kettle sour! No waiting for bacteria to do their thing. Just add directly to the mash to hit your target pH
  • Citric acid is naturally produced by Aspergillus luchuensis, offering a clean pleasant acidity when compared to lactic acid
  • The citric acid produced can be swapped for lactic acid in any application, such as sour beers or mash pH adjustments
  • CellarScience imports this Koji fresh from Japan’s best sake and koji producer
  • Try using White Koji instead of acidulated malt in your next batch, especially nice in a Japanese rice lager!

This White Koji is formulated specifically for brewing beer with citric acid. Citric acid tends to have a less harsh astringency when compared to lactic acid. Used at a high percentage (20-25%), it makes a very clean kettle sour instantly. Rather than waiting overnight for the bacteria, you can hit your target pH during your standard mashing process. It can also be added to any recipe to adjust pH in the mash, similar to acidulated malt. This traditional ingredient, imported directly from Japan, is a great addition to your next craft Japanese rice lager!

Koji (Aspergillus luchuensis) is a fungus that is grown on rice during the Shochu making process and citric acid is naturally generated. Koji is grown on rice which breaks down starch in the rice to a more fermentable sugar source. Yeast can then use these sugars during fermentation to add a bright and refreshing citric acid character.

White Koji should be used at a rate of 20% – 25% of total grain in your recipe for souring. Use at a small percentage, as needed, for pH adjustment in the mash.

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