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CO2 Tank, keg couplers, and gas tubing NOT included, but can be purchased individually or through our Kegerator POUR READY Kits

Kegerator Manual

The KOMOS Kegerator offers a stunning set of features that clearly separate this unit as the most modern kegerator on the market. With more interior space than other models, the KOMOS Kegerator is designed to fit up to four 5 gallon soda-style kegs.

Whether you choose the single, double, triple, or quad tap configuration, you’ll receive tried-and-true Intertap stainless steel forward-sealing faucets. Stainless faucets are a huge upgrade over the chrome-plated brass faucets commonly included with other kegerators, and you’ll quickly recognize the quality of a forward-sealing beer faucet compared to the standard taps seen at your local tavern or in-law’s mancave.

Rather than a chrome plated tower, the Intertap faucets are mounted to a stainless steel tower that remains cool before, during, and after each pour thanks to a tower fan diverter that recirculates cold air within the kegerator and blows it up into the tower to keep your beer lines cold and reduce foaming. From keg to faucet, your beer will pass through EVABarrier draft lines, a premium double-walled tubing designed to protect against beer oxidation.

Other features you’ll love about the KOMOS Kegerator include its highly-efficient cooling capacity so you’ll be serving ice cold beer even in the warmest temperatures, extra wide temperature range from 26–82°F, dual gas inlets at the back, stainless steel internal floor, rolling casters, and the included KOMOS Dual Gauge CO2 regulator. KOMOS regulator maintains consistent pressure. The regulator includes a blow-off PRV with pull ring for safety and relieve pressure, rubber coated gauges, and a hand knob for easy adjustment.

Also Includes:

  • CO2 Tank holder mounts on back of kegerator (tank not included).
  • Countertop Style Drip Tray

Internal Dimensions:

  • 19.5 in. wide
  • 17 in. deep
  • 16 in. down the center where compressor sits
  • 28.5 in. tall

What Fits:

  • Three (3) Pin Lock 5 gal. soda kegs (ie. Cornelius Keg)
  • Four (4) Ball Lock 5 gal. soda kegs (ie. Cornelius Keg)
  • Three (3) Sixth Barrel Sankey Kegs
  • One (1) Quarter Barrel Sankey Keg (ie. Pony/Stubby Keg & Tall Quarter/Slim)
  • One (1) Half Barrel Sankey Keg (ie. Standard full-size keg)


  • 23.75 in. wide
  • 25 in. deep
  • 31.5 in with CO2 mount
  • 32.5 in. tall (fridge only)
  • 35 in. with caster wheels
  • 48.75 in. with tower
  • 51 in. with casters and tower
  • 110 v – 60 hz
  • 0.8 Amp draw

Optimal ambient temperature is 65°F – 80°F

CSA Certified


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