LalBrew Abbaye Belgian Ale 11g


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Selected for its ability to ferment Belgian style beers ranging from low to high alcohol, LalBrew Abbaye™ produces the spiciness and fruitiness typical of Belgian and Trappist style ales. When fermented at higher temperatures, typical flavors and aromas include tropical, spicy and banana.

At lower temperatures, LalBrew Abbaye™ produces darker fruit aromas and flavors of raisin, date, and fig.

  • Flocculation: Medium-High
  • Attenuation: 77-83%
  • Temperature Range: 17 – 25°C (63 – 77°F)
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14%
  • Phenolic: Yes
  • Diastatic: No
  • Aroma: spicy, fruity, tropical, banana

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