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New Zealand Fumé Blanc


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RELEASE DATE: JANUARY 2019 HAWKE’S BAY, NEW ZEALAND The sun loves this little bay on the Pacific coast. Hot dry winds, low rainfall and an annual average of 2,220 hours of sunshine make Hawke’s Bay one of the warmest, driest areas of the island. Several major rivers running through the region have changed course over the millennia, resulting in a diverse collection of soil types, making it very versatile for viticulture. With these ideal fruit-growing conditions, it’s no wonder this is the oldest and one of the most celebrated wine regions in New Zealand. FUMÉ BLANCDon’t let the name fool you – though ‘Fumé’ means ‘smoke’, don’t expect a smoky white wine. Coined in the 1960s to denote a new and different style of dry, oaked Sauvignon Blanc, the name is derived from Pouilly-Fumé, a popular French appellation that specializes in a similar style wine. Made with lush New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, this mouth-filling wine delivers a rush of ripe tropical fruit on the palate, with complex layers of gooseberry and melon, bright acidity and hints of grassy mineral notes expertly harmonized with a gentle creamy vanilla oak. Pair with goat cheese, seafood platters and chicken or pasta dishes with creamy sauce and spring vegetables.
Alcohol: 13%*
*Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions.

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