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2016 Walla Walla Soft White Pale

Clean and utterly smooth, the Walla Walla region terroir is inflected on this pale wheat malt, with notes of blueberry and fresh baked bread enveloped in a delightful softness.

Product Description: Pale malted 102 soft white winter wheat, grown and harvested in 2016 in the Walla Walla Valley foothills, Pikes Peak zone, Washington.

Malt Notes: A rich and creamy winter wheat malt, full of feeling.

Grown By: H.T. Rea Farming, Milton-Freewater, OR

For Full Malt Analysis:

  • Color (°SRM): 3.34
  • Extract (% FGDB): 84.6
  • DP (°L) : 153

Farm Story:

Additional information

Weight1.000 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in

United States


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Craft Maltster

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