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A single-farm, single-variety special project in partnership with Oregon State University’s Barley World and Goschie Farms.

OSU’s Oregon Promise is a 2-Row Spring Malting Barley cross between Golden Promise and Full Pint varietals. It is 100% sourced from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon (Willamette Valley). It was rated highly for lager flavor by an OSU sensory panel, but also has the wonderful ale characteristics from the Golden Promise heritage, so it should work well for both styles of brewing.

It is dry farmed, salmon-safe certified, family farmed, and grown in rotation with hops.

Color: 2.44 SRM
Moisture: 3.9%
Extract: 83%

Total Protein: 11.6
Diastatic: 112

Mainstem Oregon Promise COA

Patrick Hayes, Professor at Oregon State University’s Crop and Soil Sciences and Barley Project, helped breed this special Oregon barley. Here is what he has to say about it:

This spring 2-row variety was developed by the Oregon State University Barley Project and has the distinguished pedigree of “Full Pint X Golden Promise”. Oregon Promise has the zero glycosidic nitrile (0GN) trait from Full Pint – a plus for distillers. The variety also inherited unique flavor attributes: Oregon Promise beer was top-rated for lager flavor by an OSU consumer sensory panel. This malt was made by Montana Craft Malt for Mainstem Malt from grain grown on the Goschie Farm, near Silverton Oregon (vintage 2022). Let us know if the variety keeps its promise in your beers.” 

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