Mangrove Jack’s Lemon & Lime Splash Hard Seltzer Kit


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The Mangrove Jack’s Hard Seltzer Collection has everything you need to create 5 US gallons (19 L) of refreshing, alcoholic spritzer, in four weeks or less! Inside you’ll find an instruction leaflet, one sugar blend pouch and four small sachets containing, yeast, sweetener, flavorings and finings, to help you brew a delicious, bubbly beverage.

A refreshing, alcoholic spritzer with a burst of lemon and lime aroma and flavor.  

Mangrove Jack’s Hard Seltzer is easy to make and has no artificial flavors or colors. Simply ferment, flavor, and bottle, and in four weeks or less, you can kick back with the perfect summer drink that can truly be enjoyed all year round! 

Makes: 5 US gallons  (19 L)

Approx. ABV: 4.0%

Kit contains:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • Sugar Blend Pouch
  • Yeast Sachet
  • Sweetener Sachet
  • Flavoring Sachet
  • Finings (only needed for kegging)
  • No artificial colors or flavors

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