Mecca Grade Wickiup Hard Red Spring Wheat Malt / Bulk by lb.


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The missing link in creating classic wheat beers; Wickiup provides a deeply rich, “Cream of Wheat” wort with a hint of bread crust and brown sugar.

The Mecca Grade family has grown hard, red spring wheat for decades. Part of this process is supplementing the crop to reach protein levels in excess of 14%, which correlates with increased gluten content. More gluten results in greater elasticity, crucial for our Japanese customers (where the majority of our wheat is currently delivered) who use the flour to make premium noodles.

Malting hard, red spring wheat is a challenge…but the flavor is definitely worth it. Mecca Grade is currently the only source of this type of malted wheat. (Color: 3.2 SRM, PPG: 36*)

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