Mainstem Evergreen Pale Malt 50 lb. Bag


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Evergreen Pale is a great all-around base malt for all styles where a pale 2-row malt is desired.

Color: 2.4 SRM
Moisture: 4.41%
Extract: 80%+
Total Protein: 11.8%
Diastatic: 134 L

Evergreen Pale COA

Bold and flavorful pale barley malts, blended after single-variety Malt;Grain Baging. Targeting 2.2-2.6L color.

Grain & variety: an annually evolving blend of select 2-row barley varieties, drawing from years of varietal innovations.

Sourcing region: top grain lots selected from farms in Washington (the evergreen state), varying based on what the year’s harvest brings.

Eco attributes: dry farmed, salmon- safe certified, minimum tillage, family farmed, and more

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 28 in
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Pale Malt


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