Grape Crusher/Destemmer Stainless Steel | Motorized

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  • Motorized unit crushes grapes and separates stems in one pass
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Screw Feed provides fast, continual hands-free operation
  • Self-adjusting rubber rollers are soft on grape stems to reduce tannin extraction
  • 3,000 lbs per hour production capacity
  • Made in Italy by EnoItalia

This motorized unit with a stainless screw feed also features a stainless steel Body and Bin making it a completely stainless steel model.

The Crusher/Destemmer can be purchased by itself or alongside the Stainless Stand and Chute for Crushers and Destemmers.

How These Work:
Grapes are loaded into the top bin where the powered screw feed continually pushes grapes towards the rollers. Grapes are gently crushed by the rubber rollers and then fall into the destemming chamber. The destemming chamber features a removable basket with a bunch of circular holes in it and rotating destemming shaft. Grapes fall through the holes into your bucket. Stems get rotated through the basket by the destemming shaft until they exit at the end of the machine where they fall onto the ground or an awaiting bucket.

Rubber Rollers
This model features soft rubber rollers which are softer on stems possibly reducing rough tannins in your wine. The rollers are spring loaded and self adjusting to protect against damage, such as the accidental passing of a small stone. 

Output Production
Powered by a 1hp motor that provides an hourly production of approximately of up to 3000 lbs. Note that these machines must be fed with consistency to reach maximum throughput. Overload the machine with too many grapes at one time and the motor will pause and actually slow down production.

Remove two quick bolts and the safety cover slides off and the internal stainless destemming grate slides out for easy cleaning. The hose out the rest of the unit. Comes with directions.

1) 304-Type Stainless Steel Bin, Body, Screw Feed, and Basket
2) A Screw Feed in the Receiving Bin for continual, faster, hands-free operation
3) Spring Loaded, Self Adjusting Rubber Rollers
4) Solid Construction
5) A powerful 110V 1HP motor which provides an hourly production of approximately 3000 lbs.
6) Replacement parts are available
7) Big, Red Emergency stop button on motor shuts down the machine in a hurry to help reduce chance of accident

Overall dimensions: 47″ long x 19.6″ wide x 25″ high. Weight: 118 pounds (54KG.) 

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