Mourvèdre Red Wine Grapes 2021


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This is a PRE-ORDER with DEPOSIT to RESERVE wine grapes and/or juice for the 2021 season.

Deposit is 20% down with the balance due upon delivery of juice/grapes.

Mourvèdre Red Wine Grapes 2021 Pricing:

  • Whole grapes $1.95 per pound.
  • By the 34 lb. box/lug: $66.30 total cost, $13.26 deposit, $53.04 due upon delivery.
  • By 3 x 34 lb. box/lug or 100 lb. total: $195.00 total cost, $39.00 deposit, $156.00 due upon delivery.
  • By 15 x 34 lb. box/lug or 500 lb. total: $975.00 total cost, $195.00 deposit, $780.00 due upon delivery.

The small, thick-skin berries of Mourvèdre are high in phenolic compounds that have the potential to produce a deeply colored, very tannic wine with significant alcohol levels if harvested at high sugar levels. However, the variety is rarely harvested at sugar levels below 13% alcohol (approx 23 Brix) because the flavors at those lower levels are often very weak and herbaceous. In winemaking, wines made from Mourvèdre are prone to both oxidation and reductive flavors (such as hydrogen sulfide) if care is not taken at the winery.While in Bandol, it is common to ferment Mourvèdre with the stems, the grapes usually go through a crusher/destemmer in New World regions such as a California due to the harsher, green tannins that are more typical of the stems in those regions. While the wine can be stored in oak barrels, it often does not absorb oak flavors as well as other varieties (such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) so it is often stored in neutral oak or large format barrels.

In many regions of the world, Mourvèdre is often blended with other varieties such as Grenache and Syrah in the “GSM” blends of Rhône, Australia and the United States. In these blends, Mourvèdre often provides color, fruit and some tannic structure to complement the fruity Grenache and elegant Syrah. In Provence and Rhône it also sometimes blended with Cinsault and Carignan as part of both red table wines and rosé.

AVA: Columbia Valley

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100 lb., 34 lb., 500 lb.


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