Nutrient Vit End Yeast Energizer 12g


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Nutrient Vit End is a new tool for assisting with difficult fermentations. It is a highly specific inactivated yeast, chosen for its high bio-adsorptive properties for binding short and medium chain fatty acids and fungicides. These compounds are produced by yeast during stressful fermentations, and in high enough concentration can result in a stuck ferment. Using Nutrient Vit End during fermentation will minimize the risk of a sluggish or stuck fermentation. It can also be used to detoxify a wine in place of yeast hulls before restarting a fermentation. To Use: Suspend Nutrient Vit End in water, juice or wine and mix well before adding to juice or must. If using with a stuck or sluggish fermentation, allow to settle and rack off prior to restart.


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