Omega Yeast – 091 Hornindal Kveik



A wonderfully unique Norwegian farmstead “kveik,” Hornindal produces a tropical flavor and complex aroma that can present itself as stonefruit, pineapple, and dried fruit leather, which complement fruit-forward hops. Add even more dimension to “C” hops and increase ester intensity with a high fermentation temperature. Ferments well at 90° F/32° C or higher. Non-phenolic and no fusels, even at higher temps.

  • Strain Type Norwegian Ales

  • Flocculation High

  • Attenuation 75-82%

  • Temperature Range 72–98° F (22–37° C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance 12-16%

Additional information

Weight2.000 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 4 in

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