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Brett Blend #3: Bring on Da Funk consists of two Saccharomyces strains from?Brett Blend #1 (OYL-210)?spiked with both Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Brettanomyces lambicus, plus two additional Brettanomyces isolates from a Brett-famous Colorado brewery, plus two Brett isolates from an ?intense? Belgian source to equal a funky, fruity, complex 8-strain composition. The Brett character will develop over time, as will acid production if exposed to oxygen.

This strain tests positive for the?STA1?gene, an indicator of?Saccharomyces cerevisiae?var.?diastaticus,?and?is capable of fermenting dextrins, resulting in very high attenuation.

  • Strain Type Bretts and Blends

  • Flocculation Very Low

  • Attenuation 85-100%

  • Temperature Range 68?80? F (20?27? C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance 11%

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